About Us

Millesime’s history started in France, Burgundy region, when I saw a maine coon cat for the first time and was amazed by his wild look, a strong body and a royal coat. Needless to say, that I fell in love with his friendly and very open character. An affectionate, funny, human-oriented and wise maine coon doesn’t leave anybody indifferent. They can be good buddies with the other animals as well as they are also very attached to children. Since then these ‎gentle giants have become members of my family, they are an essential part of my life, they are my companions.

The cattery is registered in FIFE system №04/15 and TICA №28305. It is situated in the countryside of Nizhny Novgorod city, Russia. We work only with the maine coon cat breed.

My cats are used to traveling a lot and visiting feline exhibitions thanks to their great capacity to overcome stress and to confront difficulties of all kinds. With my first female Jolie Dvcoon*RU, we went to many shows in France where she obtained Champion and International Champion titles in FIFE system and the age of 10 and 14 months accordingly.

Millesime cattery ensures that the maine coon females males and kittens are supervised by the veterinary service timely and are provided with the best choices of food and toys as well as lots of love and attention. In addition, there is a separated kitten’s room where kittens are raised in safe conditions. We don’t keep our cats in cages. Ultimately, any potential risks of infectious diseases are minimized due to the fact that the cattery doesn’t hold a large number of animals.

In order to ensure that the kittens are in good health, they are not shown to the visitors till the last vaccination. Moreover, strangers do not have access to the cattery. Yet we are happy to share the photos and the videos of our kittens with cat lovers.

Millesime’s breeding goals are: healthy cats and socialized cats with an outgoing character whose exterior meets FIFE and TICA standards. As for the type, we are aimed at a balance between the classic American and the extreme European types. Not only should the health and the size of this race be preserved, but also will any aggressive animals be excluded from the breeding program. Finally, we do not breed poly maine coons.

If you are interested in a Maine Coon kitten or would like to have more information, please see Kittens and Plans pages. We also have a Youtube video channel for you to be able to see our maine coon females, males and kittens.