July 2016, HCM N/N

GCh (CFA) Korelcoon Dainis

IC (FIFE) Jolie DVcoon

Aga Sagafs 09 24 Sold
Armann 09 24Sold
Annapurnad 09 24Sold
Albaf 09 24Sold
Argentine Tangofs 24 09Sold

Adorable Maine Coon kittens for sale.

Kitten status:

• AVAILABLE— a kitten is looking for a loving home. You can buy a Maine Coon kitten ;

• OPTION— there is a discussion on this kitten but there is a chance that the kitten is available for purchase (deposit is not send);

• RESERVED —the kitten has been paid for (reservation deposit or a full amount is paid for kitten)

• SOLD— a kitten is in at his new home.

If you reserved a kitten and lately you wish to cancel your reservation, the reservation fees won’t be returned.

Millesime cattery would like to learn more about future parents of our kittens, therefore please send us a letter with some details about you and you daily routine. Before buying a kitten we kindly ask you to read the contract and to sign it. Kittens who leave the cattery as “pets” will be spayed or neutered upon departure and in their pedigree it will be mentioned as “a pet”. We do not accept a maine coon walking in the street or in the garden without the surveillance or the windows without the cat net, therefore we would advise you to read the article about safety of maine coons.

Kittens leave the cattery at the age of 3-4 months with:

• a pedigree

• a veterinary passport where all the vaccines are listed up to date and the quarantine period is over

• a contract

• a little note about how to take care of the kitten

• a few toys and a small pack of food